Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Live safely and comfortably

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Comfortable and secure living experience

Create a cozy and enjoyable living experience with the assurance they are safe in their home with Copper Cover on every touch point such as handles and rails.

Image of copper covered bed rail in a hospital,

Every major touchpoint

Door handles, push plates, light switches, hand rails, taps and toilet handles are a few places that are used often, it is difficult to keep them manually disinfected, let Copper-Covers do the disinfecting for you within minutes.

Image of a hand touching a door handle covered in Copper, Copper covers

Protect your staff and residents

Keeping your staff and residents safe during the current pandemic is top priority. Copper-Cover is another defensive line against any harmful organisms and will work against other virus including Covid-19,  common colds and flus.

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