Copper Cover against Covid-19

Copper-Cover is now scientifically proven to kill Covid19 in less than a minute, quicker than alcohol.

Recent research from the Research University in Southampton, England has proven Copper Covers can kill /Inactive a 5550 viral particles per cm2 sample of SARS CoV 2 within 1 minute.


A test carried out recently at the University of Southampton, demonstrated that when 1 square centimetre Copper-Cover was challenged with 5500 Covid19 viral particles that all virus was deactivated in less than a minute. In comparison, stainless steel showed the same 5500 viral particles being present even after 1 hour.


5550 viral particles per cm2 is the equivalent of a droplet of moisture containing Covid-19. The results are as follows.

Chart of Copper-Covers results of effectiveness against Covid-19 (SARS-cov2) when compared to stainless steel