Encouraging staff to return to offices during a pandemic can be difficult, however using Copper Covers can reassure them that the business is taking all the necessary actions to ensure their safety as they work.

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With students returning to schools soon, we want to make the return as safe and easy as possible. Ensuring common touch points that students use daily like classroom door handles, light switches and locks are clean and safe from unwanted organisms while helping prevent the spread of Covid-19

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Health Care Facilities

Controlling the pread of a harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses in facilities where high risk individuals are is essential. Reserach shows copper surfaces in hospital rooms can reduce the number of healthcare- accquired infections by 58.1%

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Nursing Homes

Using hand rails, door handles, taps, light switches is a daily encounter for anyone living in a nursing home. Copper Covers can disinfect those surfaces within minutes rather than days, protecting those living in the home, creating a comfortable and secure living experience

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