Commonly touched surfaces. Anything which many people touch regularly. Our copper spray is most suited to metal surfaces. Our copper tape is suited to electrical switches and longer rails.

  • Door Handles & Push Plates
  • Taps & Toilet Handles
  • Hand Rails
  • Switches

Advantages of  Copper-Cover

A Safer Environment

Copper covered touch surfaces aid in preventing the transmission of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses by significantly shortening their lifespan compared to any other material.

New research has revealed that the use of copper surfaces in hospital rooms can reduce the number of healthcare-acquired infections by 58.1% as compared to patients treated in Intensive Care Units with non-copper touch surfaces.

Value for Money

We work with your existing fittings which means our method is more cost effective than completely replacing them and therefore no waste.

A recent US study showed after a hospital upgraded to copper covered touch surfaces, they saved a conservative $768k over the course of one year through the reduction of healthcare-acquired infections. Not only does this save money but in this setting can end up saving lives!

Easy Installation

Our team will ensure a seamless transition from your old fitting to your new upgraded copper covered versions. Not only is the copper applied quickly, simply, and effectively on-site in our mobile spraying unit, meaning we have no need to take up any of your space but it also means no mess.

The copper also blends in well and is very compatible with existing decor if not actually enhancing it by freshening up old fittings.

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