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Copper is considered a biocide, as it naturally generates an active substance that can be used to control various types of harmful or unwanted organisms.
Biocidal products can only be distributed and used in Ireland if they have been notified to or authorised by the Irish Competent Authority (The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine). To make sure the use of biocidal products do not have unacceptable risks for people, non-target animals and the environment, they are regulated to control their marketing, sale and use in order to minimise any risk.

Our products fully comply with all Irish and EU regulations and are registered with the European Commission for supply of biocidal products. Our copper is of the highest purity and certified as effective. We are the only firm in Ireland to possess the required PCS number to work with pure copper as a touch surface. Beware of other products claiming the same properties and be sure that you use only safe and legal products.

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