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Copper-Cover proven to kill Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2 ) in under 1 minute

About Us 

COPPER-COVER® provide a straightforward, on-site service to allow your business, hospital, healthcare facility or nursing home, etc. upgrade the existing fittings and advance to anti-microbial copper covered touch surfaces. Our team can temporarily remove any door handles, knobs, hand or bed rails, etc. and spray them with a pure copper coating in our mobile unit and then fit them back where they were, all in a matter of minutes.

How we provide Copper-Cover 

The process is quick and efficient. Copper Covers are provided through our mobile coating unit, where pure copper in a powered form is sprayed at a high pressure, forming a bond with the base metal that is stronger than a weld. This results in a permanent, antimicrobial coating of copper without the need to install new fixtures or fittings.

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Copper-Cover proven to kill Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2 ) in under 1 minute


Why Choose Copper-Cover

Safe to Use

Copper covered touch surfaces aid in preventing the transmission of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses by significantly shortening their lifespan compared to any other material.

Value for Money

We work with your existing fittings which means our method is more cost effective than completely replacing them and therefore no waste.

Easy Installation

Our team will ensure a seamless transition from your old fitting to your new upgraded copper covered versions. Not only is the copper applied quickly, simply, and effectively on-site in our mobile spraying unit, meaning we have no need to take up any of your space but it also means no mess..



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Customer Testimonials

“The findings indicate that antimicrobial copper beds can assist infection control practitioners in their quest to keep healthcare surfaces hygienic between regular cleanings, thereby reducing the potential risk of transmitting bacteria associated with healthcare associated infections”.

Michael G. Schmidt

Prof. of Microbiology & Immunology, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston.
“We know many human pathogens survive for long periods in the hospital environment and can lead to infection, expensive treatment, blocked beds and death. ... strategically-placed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces not only break the chain of contamination, but also actively reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance developing at the same time”.

C. William Keevil

Prof. of Microbiology & Director of Environmental Healthcare, University of Southampton
“The COVID-19 pandemic has made it of the upmost important for us to take all safety precautions possible to ensure the health & safety of our employees & visitors. We have applied Copper-COVER® to door and WC flush handles within our 11 acre facility. The service provided by Copper-COVER® has been exceptional & the feedback from our employees has been very positive to this safety measure which reduces the risk of any possible virus transmission”

Martin Mc Vicar

Combilift Co-founder & CEO / COPPER-COVER® customer
“I was delighted with the service we received from Copper-COVER® - it was very simple and straight forward and we barely noticed they were there. We now feel we have made the best move in order to ensure we are taking every precaution necessary to keep our staff and clients safe”.

Liam Power

Managing Partner at Duggan & Power Chartered Accountants / COPPER-COVER® customer
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